SAP Start-Up Focus

A Jump Start for Small Companies with Big Ideas


Have you ever set up your own company? On gut feeling, without much capital or experience? Well, Dan Somers and Alexander Gossmann have. With innovative ideas in their heads and the SAP Startup Focus program at their side. At CeBIT, both of them showed how they are shaking up their industry.

You are in the supermarket. You head to the vegetable aisle to pick up a couple of things for a salad. But the only lettuce left has wilting leaves, and the cucumbers have all seen better days. Does that sound familiar? Alexander Gossmann and his company OPAL – Operational Analytics are working to make situations like that a thing of the past. “Using in-memory solutions running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform we can find the optimal stock levels for every retailer,” said CEO Gossman on the SAP Stage on Wednesday. So that the bread rolls don’t run out so early and fresh produce doesn’t get left on the shelf.
Dan Somers, from Warwick Analytics in the United Kingdom, also uses SAP HANA. His company, winner of the SAP Most Innovative Startup 2013 award, analyses thousands upon thousands of data records to find the cause of product errors of all kinds. “For example, a tiny split in a car’s headlight that lets in moisture can have any number of causes,” said Somers. Finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. When it comes to finding needles, the in-memory platform is the perfect search engine.

The SAP Startup Focus program has helped Gossman and Somers achieve what many people dream of: starting their own successful, innovative business.
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