The Cloud: A Growth Engine for All Industries

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The Cloud: A Growth Engine for All Industries

For more than 40 years, SAP software has helped run businesses better by improving internal processes. But today’s digital world knows no company boundaries. At the SAP stand, discover new cloud solutions that allow you to network seamlessly with that of your business partners. For faster processes with fewer errors. Read more ›

Young, Dedicated, and Full of Ideas

Simple Engages. People.

Young, Dedicated, and Full of Ideas

Creative young talent with sharp IT skills sets the pace in our networked economy, re-inventing entire industries with innovative products and services. At the SAP stand, you’ll learn about the support and training we offer for you – the IT experts of tomorrow. Whether you’re still a student or already running your own business – come by and get inspired. Read more ›

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Innovations for a Connected World

Digital transformation is radically changing our economy. Where is the manufacturing sector headed now that individual items can be produced as efficiently as mass products? What strategies do enterprises need facing startups that can shake up an entire industry with a good idea and the right technology? And how can IT departments convert new opportunities into commercial success – from machine-to-machine communication in Industry 4.0 to predictive analytics for big data? Read more ›

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SAP InnoJam: Our Ultimate Coding Challenge for Students

It could be one of the most exciting all-nighters you’ll pull in at university: SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany. Develop a mobile app in 32 hours – all the way from idea to working prototype – using the most cutting-edge SAP technologies. Read more ›