SAP InnoJam

Teams in the final phase


For Georg, Emad, Daniela and their teams every hour counts now. During a tough night of coding they are building a new app based on an idea. After the initial euphoria all teams are struggling with unexpected obstacles. Who will win SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2014? Watch part two of our series.



Performance Acceleration Through Social Collaboration


Social networks have become a fact of life for many companies. Employees are amazed by the new possibilities they open up, project managers are thrilled to have leaner processes. Sameer Patel, head of Enterprise Social Software at SAP, gave a powerful presentation at CeBIT today illustrating just how companies can benefit from purpose driven collaboration. Read more »


SAP InnoJam

Kick-off for 108 students


The Convention Center on the fairgrounds of Messe Hannover will soon become the place for critical and creative thinking: 108 participants (male and female) form 15 countries compete at SAP Innojam – guided by 25 trainers and technical experts. Read more »

Partner Country

CeBIT 2014: Very British


Great Britain is the partner country of CeBIT 2014. Our co-worker/ colleague “Mr Demo” Ian Kimbell has experienced the SAP booth from a British point of view and reveals some suprising discoveries.


SAP Stage

Big Data in Sports: The Soccer God’s Assistant


Real-time IT helps strikers score more goals, prevents injuries, and brings the thrill of the game closer to fans. Oliver Bierhoff, team manager of the German national football team, and Michael Steinbrecher, longtime presenter of Germany’s best- known sports-TV show “Aktuelles Sportstudio,” showed the world how the pros do it when they kicked off the SAP Stage show at CeBIT. Read more »

Quick Facts

Michael Kleinemeier about SAP innovations at the show.


What innovations can visitors expect at the SAP booth? Michael Kleinemeier, President MEE, has the answers.


SAP Stage

Angela Merkel and David Cameron Visit the SAP Booth


German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined British Prime Minister David Cameron – representing Britain as the official CeBIT partner country – to discover how SAP solutions will help the German national soccer team at the World Cup this summer. Read more »


FIFA Soccer World Cup

Oliver Bierhoff: How the German Soccer Association plans to bring the World Cup back to Germany


There’s good news for fans of the German national soccer team: The squad will be taking a very special item of luggage with them on their journey to Brazil. Oliver Bierhoff, the team’s manager, was at the SAP booth earlier today to reveal more. The German team, he explained, would be using analytics software from SAP to optimize its pre-match preparations. And it would also be relying on the software to deliver feedback in the form of detailed statistics on player and team performance straight after every game.

Read more »


SAP at CeBIT 2014


From IT in sport through SAP startups and the hottest topic around – cloud computing: CeBIT 2014 will kick off on March 10 and SAP’s motto is “Join the Team.”

Reloaded: SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2014


After a successful hackathon at CeBIT 2013 SAP University Alliances reloaded the innovative competition at CeBIT 2014 again. 100 international students will be part of SAP’s InnoJam from March 11 – 12 at CeBIT 2014. Read more »


CeBIT 2014

SAP and Partner at CeBIT 2014: JOIN THE TEAM


Professional soccer-players enjoy tailor-made training thanks to software analyses. Mechanical engineers predict machine errors and today retailers know what customers will purchase tomorrow: the opportunities for innovative IT solutions are countless. What is in it for your company? Let’s find out together – at the SAP and Partner booth at CeBIT 2014, from March 10 to 14. Experience in hall 4 how to implement ideas faster, how to support business processes more easily, and how to prepare your business for the work environment of the future.

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