Bert Schulze

SAP Stage

Sales Apps: Easy to Use Too


SAP Cloud expert Bert Schulze pulls a book, a flashlight, and a map from his rucksack. “How many of you still carry this kind of stuff around with you?” he asks the audience. The answer? No-one does: If you’ve got a smartphone, you don’t need any of these items. Mobile and cloud technology, explains Schulze, can simplify the day-to-day tasks of business users in just the same way.

For example, there are sales solutions that send the relevant information about each customer to the sales team members’ tablets in real time. Even during an onsite sales pitch. And if a sales person wants to know how much he or she will sell the following week, a forecast is just one click away. Visitors to the SAP Stage at CeBIT were clearly surprised to see that a business app is just as easy to use as a consumer app.