Smart Vending2

SAP Stage

When Machines Talk


Aircraft engines, refrigerators, and coffee machines: In the next six, years 50 billion machines will be hooked up to the Internet. The potential of connected machines fascinated visitors to the SAP Stage at CeBIT.

Had a bad night’s sleep? Or a tough workout at the gym? The drinks vending machine on the way to work will soon know what your smartphone already does, and will offer you a refreshing sports drink to boost your energy levels. When stocks are running low, it will automatically send a message to the delivery truck’s GPS. The truck’s route is recalculated so that it is always on the optimal route on its journey to replenish the city’s vending machines.

Grab a packet of chewing gum from our smart vending machine in the SAP Vision room at CeBIT and see what the machines of tomorrow can do.